THESEIS is a European research project that developed, tested and disseminated an innovative training model in the field of employee health and safety in the green industry. The project’s focus is on the waste processing sector.

Prevention Lab 2.0

This project is developing PreventionLab, a learning platform on psychosocial risks at work.

Serious Safety Game

The Serious Safety Game aims to reinforce the knowledge and skills of young people in the logistical sector with regard to safe and healthy working, using new learning methods.

Toolboxlab – Encouraging/reviving toolbox meetings on construction sites

Toolboxlab is developing a free four-day training programme (incl. online platform), which in the first phase will be tested out in the Belgian construction sector. On the basis of this, the training will then be rolled out in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey.

Collection and analysis of case studies on a 'whole-school approach'

The project identifies good practice examples of a whole-school approach and illustrates them by means of testimonials and interviews.