Knowledge Development and Dissemination

Prevent-Foundation develops and disseminates knowledge on sustainable work. On the one hand, it looks at improving working conditions in a healthy, innovative and productive economy. On the other, it is directed at improving the employability of employees in a changing labour market.

What can we do for you?
At Prevent-Foundation, we arrange study and research projects in a broad social context. This starts with the development of a healthy economy, with particular attention for employment and health policies. It ends with the development of a policy relating to social inclusion, with a focus on the ageing workforce and reintegration.

Formulate answers
Prevent-Foundation supports policy on regional, federal and international levels. We do this through specific projects on the improvement of the relations between people and work in general, and on the sustainability of work in particular. We also work on the development of an observatory for the follow-up of strategic indicators relating to the relations between people and work.

Raising awareness
Prevent-Foundation directs awareness campaigns to broad groups as well as specific target groups (i.e. young people). In addition, we promote a ‘Vision Zero’ policy by raising awareness and encouraging behavioural changes.

Creating a meeting place
For those who are responsible to optimise relations between people and work on a regional or national level, as well as those who are responsible for sustainable employment, Prevent-Foundation offers a platform to network and exchange information.

More on Prevent-Foundation? Focus on sustainable work

Via Prevent-Foundation, Prevent strives to deliver a structural contribution to solutions to relevant social issues, including those relating to:


- The development of a sound economy, with attention to employment policy and health policy
- The development of a social inclusion policy, with an eye to population ageing and reintegration.

This is done primarily by means of research, policy preparation and awareness-raising projects which respond to concrete social needs and are characterised by a thorough scientific underpinning.

The sustainability of work is approached from a broad social context and within the broad framework of improving working conditions, work organisation and workers’ employability. 
Expertise in the sustainability of work mainly covers the following fields of knowledge: well-being at work, including safe working conditions, mental and physical health and ergonomics, safety culture and behavioural change, work participation, health promotion and reintegration. The foundation’s specialist fields are determined in close consultation with the social partners, the government and the various stakeholders in labour market policy and the world of occupational health and safety.

Research and policy support are based on reliable data that enable a picture to be formed of exposure to particular risks and changes in that exposure, as well as of the level of employability of the population. Prevent-Foundation is home to a risk observatory which monitors developments in sustainable work and well-being at work by managing and analysing statistics and qualitative data.

A wide-ranging communication campaign is the final element of any policy on sustainable work. Prevent-Foundation organises and coordinates campaigns which in general terms aim to increase awareness and change behaviour, but which also address specific target groups such as young people, the low-skilled, small businesses and so on. The campaigns are run in close collaboration with employers and employees and relevant intermediate organisations.

Policy research
New social challenges require effective policy measures on sustainable work. Prevent-Foundation carries out monitoring research as a form of policy input and offers analyses, theoretical underpinning and expertise to the government and social partners. The research examines trends and developments in work and working conditions and evaluates legislation and policy.

In light of population ageing and a labour market which in the long term is becoming ever tighter, it is important for working people to remain sustainably and productively employable on the labour market. Investing in sustainable employability, in healthy, flexible and engaged workers who can make a contribution to society both within and outside their present company, requires the joint input of businesses, governments and all stakeholders in the social field. Via the Forum, the foundation offers a platform to all parties concerned to work together to promote sustainable work, create synergies and give a clearer face to prevention and well-being at work.

Prevent-Foundation also hosts the Secretariat of two European networks. One concerning health promotion in the workplace, and another one on productivity and social innovation.

ENWHP - the European Network for Workplace Health Promotion

EANPC - the European Productivity Network

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