Optimising relations between people and work within your organisation
Would you like to optimise relations between people and work in your organisation? Would you like to improve working conditions? At Prevent, we support you in the creation of a completely healthy, innovative and productive work environment. We do this with the greatest care and respect for the most important element: your human capital.

Make the most of our expertise
When you take steps to improve your working conditions, your working organisation and the employability of your employees, everything comes into play. This is why Prevent takes an approach that incorporates the perspectives of both the organisation and the individual.

Our extensive expertise encompasses the following areas:
- Well-being at work through safety, (mental) health and ergonomics.
- A prevention culture and behavioural changes.
- participation at work.
- health promotion and reintegration.

You benefit from the research and the innovation
To respond to your specific needs, and those of your national and international markets, we have developed PreventLab, our research and innovation centre where we continually work to develop new products and services for you.

You can count on our experts
At Prevent, you are supported by highly-qualified and customer-oriented consultants. We gladly put our extensive national and international experience at your service. We invest strongly in internal education and training, so you are always assured of extensive and up-to-date knowledge.