Prevent Academy

Education and training programmes
Regular training and education are crucial elements for the development of your organisation. In a fast-evolving technological environment, it is important that you recognise all the risks – old and new –and take preventative measures. The importance of knowledge, skills and the right information cannot be underestimated.

What training and education programmes do we provide?

We organise training and education courses where you can develop your knowledge and skills to further the well-being of your employees and optimise the men-work relation in your company. Our courses are organised in our training centre or, tailor made, in your company.Who is the target group?The training courses of the Academy are directed at anyone who is directly or indirectly involved with prevention: prevention advisors, environmental coordinators, safety coordinators, the members of the hierarchical line and the management, HR managers, counsellors, union representatives and employees in the field, etc.

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