OSH WIKI is a project of the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work with the aim of developing a mustering point for safety and health at work.


OSH WIKI will also, like the well-known Wikipedia, be a multilingual platform where experts from the OSH community can add information and comment on articles.

In connection with the OSH WIKI project, Prevent is coordinating a series of 35 articles on employee participation in connection with safety and health at work. In the first instance these include country studies, i.e. an overview of the involvement and consultation of employees (and their representative bodies) in connection with occupational health and safety at national, sectoral and company level in all EU and EFTA countries.

In an earlier project, Prevent coordinated a similar series of country studies on the organisation of occupational health and safety structures in all EU and EFTA countries and wrote articles about accidents and incidents and musculoskeletal conditions.