In several sectors working with contractors, communication is not always without problems. Foreign employees often do not understand instructions because they do not know the language. 


Contracteranto is a European research project mapping the most important safety-related terminology for a number of sectors and translating them into several European languages. The project concerns the communication between local employees (and prevention services) and their temporary colleagues who speak a different language. The high-risk functions and safety-related terminology of the construction sector, the health care sector, the steel industry and the chemical sector were inventarised and translated into Dutch, French, English, Bulgarian, Turkish, Spanish and Portuguese.

Prevent is a partner in the consortium led by NAVB Constructiv and APDEU and is responsible for the development and the translation (in Dutch, English, French) of the terminology used in the health care sector. The project is streched out over two years and is financed with the support of the European Commission.